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The Public Platform to Promote the Employment of Opening We chat


In order to promote employment service ability and level, gives the general teachers and students interaction platform, after more than a week of preparation and testing, micro letter of employment information public platform was officially launched recently.

The launch of "Lanzhou Jiao tong university operate employment information" micro letter public platform based on the characteristics of the micro letter instant push, collect and analyses the daily professional related recruitment information, through the platform quickly pushed to the vast number of teachers and students widely. In addition, the hospital through the platform also let more students through the micro letter attention and self-service query information related to the professional career and job Posting, close communication with the students’ employment information.


 Through two simple steps, you can focus on the platform: login micro letter, click on the "discovery" - sweep out ", "qr code scanning micro letter and then click the" attention "; Clicking on the "+" - "add friend" - "find the public account", search box input signal "jdjgjy", adding "in Lanzhou Jiao tong university operate employment information", you can see in the subscription number at any time. At present, the platform can provide past employment information query and classification information query and feedback, etc., and in the daily push the latest employment information. By running, later will be opened according to the requirements of teachers and students more self-service query function.  

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