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Our university get new achievements in the provincial "undergraduate teaching quality engineering" project


Recently, the Gansu province education department issued a "about qualityproject of 2014 colleges and universities and colleges teaching masters awardwinners notice, four courses in our school was awarded" colleges anduniversities in Gansu province "excellent courses, a team was awardedthe" teaching team of higher school in Gansu province ", twoprofessional was awarded the "professional in colleges and universities inGansu province". So far, our school has 49 door colleges and universitiesin Gansu province, 7 provincial excellent courses of professional teaching teamand six provincial characteristics.

The provinciallevel in the construction of the "project of undergraduate teachingquality, transportation institute professor bing-mou cui is responsible for thepassenger transport organization, associate professor, institute oftelecommunications hai-yong wang is in charge of the" discrete mathematics", institute of civil engineering professor wen-she he is responsible forthe hydraulics, chemical college professor lin-gui xue is responsible for"microbiology" 4 course was awarded the "colleges anduniversities in Gansu province" excellent courses.

With Yuan Jie,professor at the school of management as the leading industrial and commercialmanagement class specialized core curriculum teaching team was awarded the"teaching team of higher school in Gansu province".

To admit to thefront, professor at the school of mechanical and electrical as leader of the"mechanical design manufacturing and automation specialty, the environmentinstitute professor Zhou Wen, himself as the leader of the" buildingenvironment and energy application engineering "was awarded the"professional in colleges and universities in Gansu province ".

Hope schoolspirit of colleges in accordance with the relevant documents for the ministryof education, the department of education to do a good job of projectconstruction, through the provincial level, provincial excellent coursesteaching team and provincial characteristic specialized projects such asconstruction, update teaching ideas, reform teaching contents and methods, tostrengthen the teaching research and development of teaching resources, topromote the teaching for discussion and exchange of experience, play aprominent role of teaching team, promoting teaching, help and bring together,raise the level of various disciplines and professional education teaching.Urged the teachers to the winning team and winning the teacher as a model,actively involved in teaching the first line, rigorous doing scholarlyresearch, teaching, a teacher by worthy example, making greater contribution toimprove the teaching quality of school education.

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