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The secretary of the party committee wang ping went to the air force research survey training work of the national defense students in our University


       On July 27, party secretary wang ping, vice President ma jun, director of the party school in the air force's selective do jian-jun ren, to YuZhong portion of the air force research training work of the national defense students in our school, visiting our school summer forces under the exercise of defense. Air force one flexibly in compound symposium on both sides. Party secretary wang ping said at the meeting, cultivating military cadres relying on ordinary institutions of higher learning, is to grasp the world military development trend, fix attention on our construction actually make a strategic decision, is an important approach to cultivate high-quality new military personnel. In recent years, through the efforts of the various aspects, the training work of the national defense students in our school has formed scale, produced results. Secretary wang ping stressed that are valuable talent resources to the troops construction of the national defense students, is the future of the army, nation's hope, publishes both sides to high standard, strict, efforts to forge their growth and the construction of military talents for the country. Wang ping, secretary of the long-term to give to the air force training work of the national defense students in our school want to thank you for the concern and support.

       And the caffeine arts presented the portion of the air force. After the meeting, wang ping, secretary of the line came to the training ground. Wang ping, secretary of the hope the participation of students to cherish and use at the grassroots forces exercise opportunity, strong body, long talent, extension horizon. Secretary wang ping to put forward three requirements of the national defense students: one is to be firm ideal faith, will be the realization of the value of individual life and the great cause of the army, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation are closely linked together; 2 it is to lay a solid basis of science and culture, to work hard, hard study, aim high, work hard, in the future to the barracks ambitions, talent; Three is to exercise strong will quality, and constantly endure the test of all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, to actively take part in military training, become a good comprehensive quality, to satisfy the needs of the military modernization qualified officers. Secretary wang ping also into the students' dormitory, looked at the students learning diary, to lead the cadres details about dietary daily life such as life safeguard measures.

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