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Lanzhou Jiao tong University, Located in the Largest Muslim city in China


Muslim is one of the three biggest religions in the world. There are more than 1.25 billion Muslim in the world. And there also a great many of Muslins in China. After 1300 years and the development, Islam spread fast in China, the Muslim population is now more than two thousand.

But still some overseas students who are Muslim are worry about their life in China? In fact, there is no need to worry about it. Because Lanzhou Jiao tong University is located in the largest Muslim city in China. You will find the life even more convenient in your country.

Still now, Lanzhou city now has more than 80 approved open mosque, the mosque building is geographical environment, economic condition factor, has small size, its architectural style is also each has its own characteristics.

There are Muslin restaurant everywhere in the city. There is no pig or dog meat in these restaurant, they don't eat animal blood, without the use of narcotics, such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and so on.

Lanzhou Muslim library was founded in early April 1993, is the only a private library. The aim is to carry forward the Islamic civilization, promote the Muslim culture, improve the quality of the Muslim culture, promote cultural exchange between nationalities, carry forward the Chinese Muslim patriotism tradition of excellence, to serve the construction of a harmonious society.

What is more, Lanzhou Jiao tong University also has many mosques around its university. And there is Muslin student restaurant in the university. Many Chinese students in the University are Muslin. For most of the Hui people are Muslim Chinese.

Last but not the least, Lanzhou Jiao tong university (LZJTU) (formerly Lanzhou Railway University) was established in 1958 through the combination of departments and sections from two highly reputable Chinese railway institutes: Tangshan Railway Institute (the present Southwest Jiao tong University) and Beijing Railway Institute (the present Beijing Jiao tong University).

So it is obvious that it is a university that is specialized in Traffic & Transportation Planning and Management, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Civil Engineering Construction and Management. And the three majors are master’s degree. Tuition fee is RMB29000/Y, and duration is 3 years.

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