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Film: Foreign Students Living in China


Long time ago, many foreign students are curious about their life in China. Now many of you had already come to China now, so you can just started your life by your own.

Before this I will show you the real life of some other overseas students in Lanzhou Jiao Tong University.

When Bedford is practice writing Chinese he met the words - "overnight" that she does not understand, she immediately use electronic dictionary to query meaning, but still don't understand. "My ideal is to be translated, but Chinese was really hard, harder than any one language." Bedford complained.

In a banquet, a student from India took a bottle of beer out of the restaurant. This summer, these foreign students study in Lanzhou Jiao Tong University and their life will be over. In front of the home, they were ready to go to other cities in China to play well. They have always felt that, in China this year, is a very precious experience in life.

Fernando (Fernando) is the international students from Spain, he and his fellow in Lanzhou Jiao tong university campus sit below Chairman MAO statute, chat over a coffee. The tall handsome boy is an aerospace engineer, but he's very enthusiastic, when meet for the first time, in the bar just invited me to their party.

American students (second from left) in a hospital in Lanzhou Jiao tong University dental practice, she and the other students watch the doctor check for patients with oral cavity.

Italy and Spain international students gathered at the bar, in their respective countries jersey, watching European cup group match against Spain Italy.

Go out shopping clearance, Italian students beauty Lin (left) and Laura will solve the lunch in a  county snack bar. Study in this period of time, they have been accustomed to this kind of pure Chinese food.

Mei Lin is in a small field, the Italian students try belt, companion Laura sit there waiting. Them half a day's shopping result is: a dress, a belt, a cosmetic bag, one sent, and made a manicure, spent 200 multivariate.

International students in Lanzhou Jiao tong university canteen, the 23-year-old Italian international students are preparing to order blue. Dining room specially prepared English to foreign students and menu sample photos, convenient they choose.

In the birthday party, Aileen Italian students make themselves look very "Chinese", black embroider cheongsam, with a red oiled paper umbrella, however, don't see her every move like a classical Chinese lady. Aileen with a water pistol, wine and drinks into the companion in his mouth.

Outside a cafe, two students are reviewing Chinese language course. It was the students often go to a cafe; writing on the wall is full of different national language message.

Students in Lanzhou Jiao tong university campus building held a birthday party, Swiss students li (left) and Aileen pulling a security guard, invited him to binge.

New Year dinner party for international students, as a result of too many people, students can only stand to eat buffet. At the end of each year, Lanzhou Jiao Tong University will hold New Year dinner party for the students at school.

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