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Our university was voted as most popular science and engineering universities

Published: 2015-12-03
Recently, China International School Service(CISS) released a ranking voted by overseas students applied China university successf..


Published: 2015-11-16
"FLTRP Cup" competition includes a total of 22 colleges and universities in the province of Gansu. 44 contestants took part in the..

International Education College Students Participate the 46th Annual Friendship Basketball Competition and Get Good Result.

As the full implementation of the partys education policy and promote our students basketball movement development, enrich the campus cultural activities, learn from each other, exchange experience, t..

Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Performances in Nursing Homes

To carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to respect, love and help age support, practice of volunteer service spirit, on September 27, the Chong Yang festival is approaching, mec..

The Public Platform to Promote the Employment of Opening We chat

In order to promote employment service ability and level, gives the general teachers and students interaction platform, after more than a week of preparation and testing, micro letter of employment in..

Representatives of Wuhan AT-China and Malaysia Branch Representative Visit our University

On 5th of July, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia "Activity of China halal food into Malaysia" Malaysias former Prime Minister Mahathir said in a speech "it is hard to imagine the number of Chinese Muslims is..

Lanzhou Jiao tong University, Located in the Largest Muslim city in China

Muslim is one of the three biggest religions in the world. There are more than 1.25 billion Muslim in the world. And there also a great many of Muslins in China. After 1300 years and the development, ..
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