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Little Princess Turn into Man of Unusual Strength


Every day she push back and forth a 900 kilograms of wheel more than 130 times

August 18, for Li Xuemiao an Urumqi car repair workshop is a special day, today again she broke through her own history, 302 - days fill out 40166 shaft card no feedback of a wrong data.

In 2012, the 22-year-old Li Xuemiao graduated from Lanzhou Jiao Tong University began to life first job - a bearing fitter in maintenance workshop inspection group.

Just to the team, co-workers jokingly she said: "our group girls as boys, boys as a superman, little girl you can do it?" "Master is teasing you." Foreman MuWenJie said, "But the girl to our group must want to eat a lot of bitter, you see here is full of oil and iron, don't know if you can insist."

Li Xuemiao feels lonely heart. Haven't eaten since childhood bitter her ideal job is office, but after graduating from university every day to deal with iron wheels in the workshop, let her feel vary widely. Every day a boring life, far from their loved ones, more let her tears obsessively flowing downwards.

Master's care about everywhere, let her gradually integrated into this big family. There is a word called an "of", she adjust their mentality, bear in mind that safety is a major responsibility of railway worker, devoted to work actively.

She first came to the team, every day to follow the master study knowledge of vehicle. Since the childhood is her parents' eye, basic haven't done so big physical labor, now article followed the master to push back and forth every day more than 130 net weight 900 kilograms of wheel on, work the end of the day, so sore arm that can't comb hair, secretly hide crying in bed. In order to change the status quo, she every night keeps dumbbell exercise, enhance its own muscles. Slowly, she no longer needs colleagues help, can finish a day's work alone.

In work, she met don't understand the business knowledge, while listening to teacher to explain, and record. After work, she was turned out of business books will be the day of work practice and theoretical understanding and a little bit of records, only a month she was filled with a thick notebook.

In April 2013, she began to dry wheel alone to income. In order to ensure that each of the input data, fast and exact colleagues after work, she again and again for automatic measuring machine operation, the wheels straight after practicing can accurate operation was satisfied with his eyes closed.

Li Xuemiao knows, in the inspection group, one do not key positions, it is difficult to achieve outstanding results, but she believes that as can do extraordinary ordinary jobs.

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