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We are on the way-Lanzhou Jiaotong University (LZJTU)



Lanzhou Jiaotong University (LZJTU), formerly known as Lanzhou Railway University, was established in 1958 through the transfer of departments and sections from two Chinese railway colleges of high repute: Tangshan Railway Institute ( the present Southwest Jiaotong University) and Beijing Railway Institute ( the present Beijing Jiaotong University). Since 2000, the university has been managed by both local and central government offices. In April 2003, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the name of Lanzhou Railway University was changed to Lanzhou Jiaotong University.

    LZJTU has 3 campuses and one Science and Technology Park, covering an area of 1,565 mu (104 hectares), with 727.000 square meters of building area. The University has total fixed assets amounting to 1.332 billion RMB, and research instruments and equipment valued at 2.55 billion RMB. The library houses one 221.84 million books including over 4,000 types of Chinese and English periodicals and 2600 GB worth of E-books.

    The University now has30,132 full-time students. These include 22,855 undergraduates, 3,334 masters candidates, 245 doctoral candidates, 26209studentsenrolling in the continuing education coursesand 155 international students. There are 2,255 full-time employees, including 4 concurrent academicians,1,529 faculty members, 735 full professors and associate professors and over 230 high-level personnel, which has formed a team of well-trained teachers with reasonable structure and good quality.

    LZJTU has 7 distinctive and comprehensive disciplines: engineering, science, economy, management, arts, agriculture, and law. There are 63 undergraduate programs, 12 college degree programs, 4 post-doctoral research stations, 5 first-category doctoral programs encompassing 34 specialties, 23 first-category Master's programs and 105 other Master's programs at LZJTU for full-time academic master or equivalents, MOE (full-time or on-job) , MBA, MEM.

    LZJTU has achieved historic breakthroughs in enhancing its own distinctive and comprehensive disciplines such as: Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Control Science & Engineering, Information & Communication Engineering, Computer Science&Technology and Math. The University owns core technologies and superior industries in the field of wind & solar energy, green vacuum coating technology, dust proof technology, green ecological pesticide and artistic creation of traditional dyeing.

    LZJTU has 20 schools and one subordinating teaching department£?1 national-level experimental center for training mode innovation, 1 national-level teaching team, 6 provincial-level teaching teams, 3 national-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 10 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 6 national-level characteristic disciplines, 19 provincial-level key disciplines, 2 national-level engineering research centers, 3 LZJTU innovation teams in the "Development Program of Chang Jiang Scholars and Innovation Teams" of the Ministry of Education, 15 key provincial and ministerial laboratories, 14 provincial and ministerial engineering research centers, and 88 laboratories.

    The University has dubbed as Continuing Educating Bases for Professionals & Technical in Gansu Province, Continuing Educating Bases in Northwestern China for the MinistryofRailways, International Students Demonstration Bases by the Ministry of Education, the Minority Language Training Center in Northwestern China. LZJTU is also one of universities in China to select and cultivate the PLA reserve officers. In the year of 2003, LZJTU began enrolling overseas students in various specialties. In 2008, the university was entrusted by the Ministry of Education of China to be one of the Institutions to award Chinese Government Scholarship for International Students. The amount of international students is over 1500, who are from 24 different countries.

    In the year of 2005, the University was qualified to enroll the national high-level athletes. There are 134 high-level athletes in LZJTU up to now. In 2006, the University is qualified for recommending graduate students to be postgraduate candidates for being exempted from taking admission examinations, and 513 graduates are enrolled in master's program. In 2009 and 2010, the University is qualified for offering the MBA and MEM. 1n 2011 and 2013, the University carried out "A plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers" of China and became one of universities in the Midwest college underlying capacity building projects in China.

    In recent year, the employment rate of graduates before July 10th of each year remained at a high level of over 93%. LZJTU has received the honorary title of "Advanced University in Graduate Employment" from Gansu Province, and was recognized by the Ministry of Education in 2009 as a "Nationally Advanced University in College Career Guidance".

    The employment rate of graduates in LZJTU was up to 96.60% in the survey released by the Human Resources and Social Security of Gansu Province 2011, which ranked No.1 in common institutes of higher education in Gansu Province. In 2012, the University has dubbed as 50 tops of"Typical Mode on the Employment Rate of Graduates in Higher Education Institutes in the year of 2011-2012".

    LZJTU has established collaborative relations with over 30 universities and research institutions in the world. More than200 dual undergraduate (2+2, 1+3+1, 3+1) degree program students have graduated from LZJTU. Furthermore, the university has sent more than 200 young and middle-aged teachers to study or visit abroad such as: Canada, Australia, Japan, the United State, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, and invited over 100 foreign experts and professors to conduct lectures and organize seminars.

    LZJTU has formed a close alliance with more than 200 enterprises, scientific research institutions and government departments.The University continues to contribute significantly to the rapid economic growth and social development with the combination of scientific research and effective integration and utilization of all of education resources.

    Over the past 57 years, Lanzhou Jiaotong University has made great advancements in teaching, scientific research, management and personnel training. We will continue these fine traditions formed over time as well as strive to become a more research-oriented university that is first-rate in China and well-known throughout the world. 

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